West Shore Music Boosters
The booster organization for the West Shore Marching Band and the other
music programs of the West Shore School District


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 Booster officers and chairpersons





Recording Secretary

Program Coordinator

Financial Secretary

Corresponding Secretary


Student Activities Coordinator

Concessions Coordinator

Hospitality Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Capital Fundraising Coordinator 

Equipment & Transportation Coordinator

Band Uniform Coordinator

Student Credits Coordinator

Chaperone Coordinator

Band Store Coordinator

Guard Uniforms and Flags Coordinator

Photography Coordinator

Trip Coordinator
Todd Quigley

Dolly Fratangeli

Anne Falvo

Susan Samuels

Amy Quigley

Tonya Gilmore

Dave Sederes

Alysha Jones

Tabitha Boler

Sue Sederes & Patti Wrightstone

Chris McBride

Marilyn Munn & Teri Stopfel

Alysha Jones

Douglas Ross

Chris Walsh

Chris Munn & Matt McBride

Melissa Spalla

Holly Ross

Anne Falvo & Heather Scott

Amy Quigley

Rebekka Dunn

Ken Acon

Amy Quigley & Dolly Fratangeli
West Shore Music Boosters
 P.O. Box 584 
New Cumberland 17370